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The United States of Arugula, Er Asparagus?

June 10, 2010

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned my summer reading list. I’m really excited about this list and can’t wait to have endless Sunday’s soaking up the sun at the pool and checking these books off my list. The first book I started is titled, United States of Arugula.

Love it. So far.

The book is about the history of food in the United States and that there are so many different cultures that have affected the way that people eat which is why we should embrace the diversity of food in the United States and not look down upon it.

Instantly, I was torn. Between the sustainable ideas of eating locally and the contemporary, idealist ideas of eating foods from so many different cultures because we can!

Thus, I have a confession to make. I’ve been slacking on my Madison Market Challenge. Furthermore, I’m changing the challenge. For the rest of the challenge, until Labor Day, I will still be abiding by the rules previously applied, for my grocery purchases. However, because of my lifestyle, love of good food and new-found ideas in this book, I am stepping away from a concrete challenge and simply challenging myself to a new lifestyle.

And here is where I will, continue to, tell you about it.

So yes, you will see many market finds. But you make also see a few new food finds that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Overall, the main challenge rules still apply:

“Anything I make during the summer 2010 will come from local farmers in Madison. My end goal? Turn this into a lifestyle, rather than a challenge.”

This past Tuesday was my birthday and because I’ve been so busy between work and activities with friend’s I haven’t had much time to cook or write. This will change. It must! In the meantime, here are a few more photos of what I’ve been eating.

Previous asparagus pictured was purchased from the farmers’ market.

Strawberries at the Wednesday market.

Zucchini, bread and eggs all from the farmers’ market.

Salmon from Lake Michigan.

Last minute homemade pizza on my birthday Tuesday. This is what this challenge has already taught me – you have to plan your meals out so much more when you only have the market at your disposal twice a week. I wish we had more daily markets as Europe does. All pizza ingredients – Feta (President – Wisconsin brand), roasted tomatoes and multigrain crust from Sentry Metcalfe’s. Wine from Botham Vineyards, in Wisconsin – Vin X, my favorite. Za was then topped with arugula.