Spinach, Feta & Beet Salad

June 15, 2010

From March until May we hosted a “Biggest Loser” challenge at work. I was the winner out of the females! The secret… cut out alcohol. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks simply by not drinking. Isn’t it amazing what a few extra microbrews or glasses of wines adds on?

Because I was one of the winners I won a gift certificate for the Dane County Farmers’ Market. PERFECT!

I didn’t even know the farmers’ market had gift certificates. I will definitely be getting these for people over the summer. Perhaps even winter to show them to go to the winter market for great finds too!

So far I’ve used the gift certificate to buy strawberries, some sausage links for my brother and Dad, delicious Feta, green onions, cilantro and beets!

I love beets, but don’t often cook with them. Last night I decided to try a simple recipe for beet salad. It turned out delicious and I’d definitely enjoy it again. Pictured above. Recipe below.

Spinach, Feta & Beet Salad

2 cups spinach – I got this spinach from my parents garden

1/4 cup crumbled Feta – I used Capri Cheese Organic goat Feta. This is my favorite Feta. It is fresh and soft.

4 small beets

Sunflower Oil – Purchased at the farmers’ market. This is lighter than olive oil so it fits well.

Clean spinach in colander. Let excess water drain in the sink. Chop spinach to desire size and place on a plate. Toss with a bit of sunflower oil. Peel beets with potato peeler, then cut into slices, about 1/4 inch thick. Heat skillet or pan. Add sunflower oil. Once oil is hot add beet slices. Saute the beets until they start to soften up. I like them “al dente,” but to each their own. Add beets to spinach. Crumble Feta over beets and spinach. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Serves 1.

Simple and delicious.


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