Rubber Meets the Road

June 3, 2010

June 1 marked the start of my farmers’ market challenge. Just my luck, I was in Chicago for work all day, thus I did not end up eating local affair.

So yesterday was really my “start.” Wish me luck, until Labor Day all of my groceries will be purchased from local producers.

One day in and I feel great. Definitely a lot healther than the plethora of backyard barbecue food I devoured over Memorial Day weekend.

As I got in to town late Monday night, my breakfast yesterday morning was a bit unconventional, but extremely delicious:

On Saturday my little brother (13) and father went fishing with some friends on Lake Michigan. They came back with 20 salmon! Over the weekend my family and I made grilled salmon and smoked salmon. Breakfast today: home-smoked salmon fresh from Lake Michigan. It was fantastic.

At lunch I managed to find some time to head to the Wednesday farmers’ market. My pickin’s for the next three days before I venture fulll-force into Saturday’s Market?

For lunch. A spicy cheese empanada from Stella’s Bakery. These are to-die-for!

For groceries: fresh, pesticide free strawberries, dill cheese curds from Murphy Farms, spicy greens and cucumbers.

Spicy greens – these are my favorite!

Also, last Saturday I got sunflower oil from the market to start making homemade salad dressings.

Excited for the full market this weekend. Recipes to come!


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